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Please provide the following information when reporting an issue with the app:

  • Type and Version of Mobile Device (if applicable)
  • Operating system and version
  • Steps to re-create the issue


Q: I’m viewing CanvasPainter on my computer – what browsers does it support?

A:¬†CanvasPainter has been extensively tested in Google’s Chrome browser in both Windows and OSX. All other evergreen browsers should work as well as the latest Internet Explorer.

Q: How does CanvasPainter save my work?

A:¬†Currently it is entirely up to you to save your work. As with any application you should get into the habit of periodically saving your progress otherwise you risk losing what you’ve been working on. CanvasPainter will have automatic saves in the future. Until then get into the habit of hitting the save button!

Q: How does CanvasPainter perform on iPads?

A: Performance is excellent on the most recent iPads. The oldest iPad tested was an iPad 2 which showed its age during certain operations. iPad 3 and higher provide a great experience.


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