The Settings panel contains your preferences and application information.

The Settings icon

Click or tap the Settings icon to reveal the Settings Panel.


Warn Before Undo

This setting will enable or disable the modal dialogue box that warns you that you are about to undo your last stroke. Usually you will want this on.

If “Enable Undo” is disabled then this preference is bypassed.

Enable Undo

This setting will enable or disable the Undo feature.

Show Alpha Value on Swatch

This setting controls the Alpha Transparency value that appears on color swatches. With this enabled the actual numerical value of the Alpha Transparency is displayed over the bottom half of the color swatch. View the following swatch as an example:


Table Information

This information was useful to us while we developed the app – and so we left it in place. What it tells you is how many entries there are in the databases that CanvasPainter uses to store your data.

Current Settings

This is a very useful table – it displays in one location all of your settings. If you are having trouble with something or want to share your settings with someone else you can take a screen capture of this panel and share the image. It is also helpful in solving problems that you might have. For example, some settings could result in nothing being draw to the canvas when in fact nothing is wrong – its just that you have a chosen some settings that don’t work well together. Viewing this table should give you a hint as to what is going on.

TXN Queue

Another left-over from development – if you’re a geek like we are you might know that WebSQL transactions are asynchronous. Its therefore possible to queue up transactions which creates undesirable situations. CanvasPainter has a queu length limit and when exceeded will throw a modal overlay to prevent further user-created transactions from occurring until the transaction queue empties out.

Originally this was thought to be a solution but really it just pointed out an error in design. Those issues have been fixed yet the TXN Queue remains – you will likely never see the TXN Queu modal during real-world usage.