The following compositing features change how your brush interacts with the canvas.


This is the default compositing setting. If you are painting and find that nothing appears on the canvas it could be that you’ve chosen one of the other compositing settings. In that case, check the Compositing panel and chose the “None” settings to turn off any previous Compositing effect.


This setting produces an interesting effect where multiple overlapping strokes produce lighter and lighter colors. This is most evident with darker colors. (TIP: try experimenting with dark colors, low opacity and star brushes)

Paint Under

As this effect’s name implies this setting lets you paint on the canvas only where no color exists. in many cases the visual effect is that you are “painting under” previous brush strokes.


Overlapping shapes are made transparent.

Paint Within

With this selected your brush strokes will only appear on previously painted areas of your canvas.

Delete With Brush

This setting turns any brush into a “delete” brush.