The Color Palette panel consists of three main areas:

  1. Color Wheel
  2. RGBA Slider Group
  3. Color Swatch List


Color Wheel

The Color Wheel provides a simple method of selecting a color. Simply click/tap or click-drag/tap-drag directly on a Color Wheel to choose a color. You will notice that the Color Well Preview and the RGBA sliders instantly update to reflect the color directly under you finger or input device.

There are two types of color wheels that can be selected by clicking or tapping their icons in the upper left corner:


Choose the left Color Wheel icon for a light-themed Color Wheel or the right Color Wheel icon for a darker-themed Color Wheel.

RGBA Slider Group


This section of the Color Palette Panel allows you to fine-tune any color and to save colors for later use. The top row contains these three elements:

  • Hexadecimal representation of the current color
  • A Color Well Preview box
  • A Droplet icon used to create a Color Swatch from the current color

In addition there are RGBA color sliders, where:

  • R = Red
  • G = Green
  • B = Blue
  • A = Alpha Transparency

Color Swatch List


Directly beneath the RGBA Slider Group is where you can view and manage Color Swatches.

Create Color Swatch

Color Swatches are created when you click or tap the Color Droplet icon:


Color Swatches provide two key pieces of information: the Swatch Color and the Swatch Alpha Transparency, where the top half is the solid color and the bottom half shows the amount of transparency the color has.


Delete Color Swatch

To Delete a Color Swatch long-press it until it begins to animate left-to-right with a large red “X” in the middle. Release the Color Swatch (mouse-up or stop touching your device’s screen) and you will be asked if you want it to be deleted.


Brush Preview

While you manipulate the RGBA sliders the Brush Preview box will appear so that you can quickly see the effect your changes have on the current brush.