If you are reading this after having purchased the app we’d like to say “Thank You!”. If you’re here because you’re curious about how CanvasPainter works we hope you like what you’re about to see and read!

CanvasPainter is a painting and drawing app. You can create paintings on a blank canvas and import images from your library or camera (on mobile devices) to use as a starting point for your art.

CanvasPainter holds all of its functionality within a Toolbar. The Toolbar is toggled in and out of view via the Toolbar Icon visible in the upper right corner of your screen. To move the toolbar Icon so that you can paint beneath it simply long-press it and it will slide down. Click/touch it again to reset its position.

If you are experiencing CanvasPainter on a device with a keyboard you’ll be interested to know that CanvasPainter has shortcut-key combinations mapped to the important stuff. For example, to quickly toggle the Toolbar in and out of view simply hit the Spacebar.

CanvasPainter has various interface elements that when selected require a means of visually indicating their selection. For example, clicking/touching a Bitmap Brush will require something that tells you that it is selected. The interface mechanism we use to denote selection is a thing we call the Selection Circle. It is a subtle interface element that appears either directly beneath an icon or in the upper right-hand corner of the relevant UI element.

CanvasPainter works off of Canvases (synonymous with a “project” or “file”) – you can doodle without creating a Canvas but to use any feature – including saving your work, you must first create a Canvas. Canvases are managed (created, deleted and previewed) within the Gallery.

The Gallery provides a means of previewing any Canvas simply by clicking/tapping on a Canvas from the Canvas List. To select a Canvas to work on you have to click its Load button.

After creating a Canvas from the Gallery the next thing to know is how to save your work. Yes, you have to save your work – CanvasPainter does not yet have an auto-save feature. Locate the Save icon in the toolbar and save often!

If you are using CanvasPainter in a web browser you should know that if you clear your browser cache you risk deleting all of your work. We suggest using Chrome – clearing cache in that browser doesn’t mess with our databases unless you specifically delete them.

That’s the important stuff – from here explore the rest of the documentation and have fun using CanvasPainter 🙂

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