CanvasPainter 1.0.2 and 1.1.2

Its been a week now since CanvasPainter launched in the App Store and while we’re getting our social media efforts in order we’ve been working on updates.

Now in the App Store is v1.0.2. As it contained minor fixes it was submitted with little fanfare 😉

Soon to be submitted to the App Store is v1.1.2. In this version we’ve added a “Velocity Brush” option to the existing Circle Brush.

The “Velocity Brush” calculates the distance between the points you paint on the canvas and adjusts the width of your brush stroke according to the distance between those points – the slower you paint on the canvas the fatter the stroke. Conversely, moving quickly across the canvas produces a more narrow stroke. See the screen capture below which illustrates what the Velocity stroke looks like at its default settings. Also note the new UI that controls its behavior.


As you can see there is a new toggle that enables the “Velocity Brush” as well as two options that influence its behavior:

  • Randomness: Circles are plotted to the page in different sizes from 1 to the Weight value of the brush. The result is a slightly more uneven or “bubbly’ looking brush stroke.
  • V: This slide adjusts the Velocity threshold of the brush which is where the speed of your brush stroke effects how the stroke is painted to the canvas.

This update is being submitted to the App Store today and should be available for use in a few days.

Happy Painting!
~ the CanvasPainter Team

CanvasPainter is an HTML 5 painting and drawing application written with web technologies and packaged within a native wrapper for Apple’s iPad family of tablets. Featuring a vast assortment of brush types, filters, and the ability to import photos from a device’s gallery or camera, CanvasPainter provides end-users with an assortment of tools and options for editing photos and creating images.

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